Our entire team

Our service feeds off the experiences that our Wavebutlers have made. It's crucial to us that you get your advice from someone who has lived at the respective travel destination, so that you can get the best advice on waves, surf camps, restaurants, the country in general etc. We would like to pass on this knowledge and find a fitting surf camp or accommodation for you!

Our history

Wavebutler was founded by friends that grew up together. The three founders started surfing in 2010 and, of course, we’ve been hooked ever since. From that point, our future vacation trips were all about surfing and the perfect wave.

It was the summer of 2010 as well, where two of the founders started working in a surf camp in France for a few months. They arrived as guests and left as teamer. An entire summer packed with action, lots of fun and not wearing shoes where we could help others learning how to surf. It’s all about sharing this amazing experience of standing on a board.

Then in 2014, Gerrit convinced his lecturer at university that it would be a good idea to write his bachelor thesis in a surf camp. Thanks to a few contacts in the surfing industry, he quickly found the required internship at an international surf camp. He worked there for 6 month, mainly being responsible for marketing. He successfully handed in his bachelor thesis and was asked if he wants to continue working at the camp, which he did. Now he has seen the business side of the industry from the inside for more than 2 years.

Disappointed by the service that the vast majority of surf agencies provided to surfers as well as to surf camps, Gerrit reckoned that he could make a better job than the surf agencies and founded Wavebutler in winter 2015.

It’s our goal to relieve you from the work of finding a good surf camp instead of simply forwarding your request to the respective surf camps. Our Wavebutlers have local knowledge of the travel destinations and will be able to give you the best advice on what to do and where to go at what time. Also, we know what makes a surf camp a good one and what makes it a bad one.

Unsere Mission

We want to make you happy. You are looking for a vacation, so it better be a good one. We founded Wavebutler in order to help you to make good and right choices, so that you’ll have an amazing surfing experience.

We will take as much work from you as possible, smoothing out the entire booking process. We want it to be personal and friendly instead of turning towards a machine that redirects your request to respective surf camps.

We will manually redirect your request to a Wavebutler that has local knowledge about the travel destination(s) that you chose. He will take all of your requirements into consideration and then make a choice, which camps suit your needs best. You will receive an informative PDF and can always ask your Wavebutler any question you’d like to. We are not bound to specific surf camps as other surf agencies, which gives us the freedom to give you the best possible advice in your interest.

You don’t have to worry about how to get to the destination, we will present you all possible ways of how to get there with a rough price calculation. All of this can happen via skype, email, phone or whatever you like.

As your Wavebutler has lived at those amazing places already, he or she will be able to provide excellent advice on what places you have to see, which local restaurants you have to try etc. As soon as you’ve decided which camp you’d like to visit, we will instantly make a reservation for you.

In most cases, you will have 14 days to pay a deposit to us in order to secure your spot.

You can pay the rest directly to the surf camp upon arrival. Often, the camps will also offer you to pay the rest in advance in order to relieve you of the hassle and risk of cash.