This is GERRIT


About me

I was born in the golden July of 1991. Ever since I've been up to many many harmless shenanigans.

Current home

In October I moved to Cádiz with my dear friend Mücke in order to spend the winter over here. I am quite sure that brown skin suits me better, if you wonder why I moved here.

Favorite spots

I don't care too much about the exact location, as long as the waves are pumping. I learned how to surf in France, though, and it always has a special place in my heart.


Guess what: I like to surf. Other than that I dedicate most of my free time to making good food and testing new restaurants.

What surfing means to me

I think this happens to almost every surfer, but one day I got addicted to surfing. Out of the blue (okay, bad joke). Surfing has become the pivot of my life and all I think about all day long is how I can get into water again as soon as possible. Slowly I noticed that surf holidays won't be enough for me any longer and that I will have to live by the ocean sooner or later. Partially, this has already worked out for me, but in the long run working in the office of a surf camp wasn't the ideal solution for me. This is why I am determined to build my own dream with Wavebutler. 

More info about me