Fantasy Surfer J-Bay Open 2016

Fantasy Surfer J-Bay Open 2016

The J-Bay Open is already running, but Gerrit wants to show you who he put onto his team anyways.

Top Picks for the J-Bay Open 2016

Gabriel Medina (9,5): It looks like Medina found back to his old form. Gabriel’s backside is ready to smash and shred the fast wave of the J-Bay Open. In round 1 Gabby scored an impressive 17.27, which makes me hope for much more and a big result. 

Julian Wilson (7,5): Julian Wilson made it through round 1 easily as well by scoring an incredible 18.77. On top of that he was in the finals last year. But as we all know – the Great White Shark won the event last year. For 7.5 million a good value pick.

Picks from the Midfield

Jordy Smith (6,5): Whoever doesn’t have Jordy on his team at the J-Bay Open is a fool. And indeed, only 63% of all Fantasy Surfer gamers have Smith on their team, which is odd considering that it’s his home turf and that his flow perfectly matches this wave.

John John Florence (6,5): John John should be the most picked surfer at the J-Bay open with a rate of 87%. For a reason as we can see. The wunderkind should make it really far this event.

Ace Buchan (5,75): The past has shown that ace can be dangerous at the J-Bay Open. I had to choose between Buchan an Wiggolly Dantas. I went for the more experienced surfer who knows the fast and hard wave better. 

Parko (5,5): Joel Parkinson has been chosen by only 32% of the Fantasy Surfer gamers, which is really shocking. You can have a look at this video. It says more than 1000 words.

Die cheap picks

Kelly Slater (4,75): Holy Moly, Kelly Slater to be found in this section? Probably one of the reasons, why 70% of the gamers chose Kelly for their team. Another reason should be his stunning success at the J-Bay Open. Also, we shouldn’t forget about his performance at the Fiji Pro, which lets me hope that Kelly wants to be great again.

Conner Coffin (3,25): I thought that Conner would tear the J-Bay Open waves apart with his massive hacks. Maybe he is going to do exactly this. We’ll see what he delivers in his matchup with Adam Melling. 

Gerrit and the Wavebutler Team ≈

Gerrit erblickte das Licht der Welt im Jahre 1991. Neben dem Surfen hat er noch ein Faible für selbst gemachten Eiskaffee und gutes Essen! Gerrit berichtet über den Schabernack, den er tagtäglich so betreibt.

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