Fantasy Surfer Picks Fiji Pro

Fantasy Surfer Picks Fiji Pro

Gerrit chose his fantasy team for the Fijo Pro surf contest. Check out who is in and who is out. 

Wait for Forecast

Of course, you should wait and see the forecast for any event, before you pick your final fantasy surfer team. However, it’s even more important for the Fiji Pro surf contest to wait and see who you can put into your Fantasy Surfer Team. If it is going to be big and unpredictable, you should opt for the veterans on tour like Kelly Slater, Parkinson, Fanning, Kerr, Otton, Ace etc. Should there be smaller waves, you could think about Jordy Smith and friends.

Fantasy Team Fiji Pro Surf Contest

Gabriel Medina (9,5): Last year Medina didn’t even make it into round 5. The year before he won the title of the Fiji Pro surf contest. The year before that, he didn’t even make it into round 5. The year before he made it to the podium and grabbed the second place. Can you see the pattern here? It’s time for a win or at least a spot on the podium.

Italo Ferreira (8,5): Italo’s perfomance at the Fiji Pro surf contest last year really impressed me. There was no sign of fear and he went for a few really nice tubes. I am sure we can expect the same thing to happen this year as he might feel even more comfortable. This dude has a lot of potential.

Julian (8,5): Jules hurt me a lot at the Rio Pro in Brazil. I hope he wants to make up for it at the Fiji Pro surf contest. Last year he already showed that he is good here, making the second place right behind Owen Wright.

John John Florence (6,5): Everybody knows that John John loves big waves and everyone knows that he is one of the best tube riders in the world. And I can have him on my team for 6.5 mil? A no-brainer.

Parko (6,5): I love how Parko handles everything this season. He seems to have found a new motivation and is looking fresh. I believe (also based on his experience) that he can do well here at the Fiji Pro surf contest. Also, in the back of my mind I am already thinking about the J-Bay contest, where he will be on my team for sure. The wave simply suits his style.

Kelly Slater (4,75): There is a lot you can say about this persona. Whoever is stupid enough not to put this living legend on his team for 4.75 mil might get burnt big time. Fiji is Kelly’s second home and I think there are only the Pipe Masters that he loves as much as the surf contest in Fiji. You can expect a pick rate of >90%, don’t be the fool who doesn’t have him on his team.

Taj Burrow (4): I am choosing Taj for many reasons. One of them is to honor his brilliant career. This is his last event and I hope he goes out with a big bang. To say the least, he has the necessary skills to do so.

Zietz (1,5): A guy from Hawaii who shows good results at the Fiji Pro surf contest every now and then? For 1.5 Mil? I’ll take the risk! Even if he exits early it wouldn’t be too bad. No harm caused. But he is in a good form anyways.

Here are a few more Kelly Slater GIFs to entertain you.

Gerrit and the Wavebutler team ≈

Gerrit erblickte das Licht der Welt im Jahre 1991. Neben dem Surfen hat er noch ein Faible für selbst gemachten Eiskaffee und gutes Essen! Gerrit berichtet über den Schabernack, den er tagtäglich so betreibt.

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