This is JYE


About me

Born in a UK curry house I fuel surfing with samosas – there is nothing that can't be cured with a cold sea and a spicy hot dish.

Current home

Although raised in Bantham, Devon, I am now pleasantly homeless living in various locations all over Central America; Guatamala for the minute!

Favorite spots

Though cold, Sennen Cove, Cornwall cannot be beaten for longboarding at sunset, the occasional basking shark and dolphin make it a one in a million spot. The people of the Basque however have definitely nailed the 'Celtic surfer' thing down, and I can honestly say I don't have a bad memory of the region.


I climb and slackline, but really music; blues, hiphop, jazz and the enormity of world music is really what makes me smile. Post-surf kora is definitely where it's at.

What the Sea Means to Me

Forgive the cliché...but...I could not picture my life without the sea and really it's this which anchors my surfing. I know it's a controversial position, but for me, surfing is one activity, I also love SUP, windsurfing, kiteboarding, sailing etc. The sea has never failed to keep grounding me throughout my life nor be unbelievably beautiful (even whilst surfing in Scarborough!), but it is surfing which leaves the closest feeling to that body of water and the greatest joy when things finally work out. There is nothing like catching a morning wave just as the sun is rising and grinning like an idiot at nothing more than simply being sat out there.

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