Wavebutler wanted!

You are looking for an easy going minijob where you can work from home? Then look no further.

What the job is about

In the beginning, this job will be like the swell – sometimes there is a big one and sometimes there is none at all. Your task would be to find an accommodation or surf camp that suits the need of our customers. It’s crucial that you find something where the atmosphere matches the customer’s needs. But we will provide you with more infos on that topic later on.

While doing all this, you are not restricted to only a few camps, but have free choice and we trust your judgement. This gives you a lot of freedom and the ability to put the customer’s needs first. Sometimes, you will have to negotiate with surf camps. That’s nothing to worry about, though, because we will support you.

Who we are looking for

So, this means that we are looking for (male and female) surfers who:

  • have lived at travel destinations like Morocco, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, SA, Australia, Mexico or any other places with surfable waves
  • are ready to reply to an email within 24 hours (if work is piling up, we could find another Wavebutler to share your work with. But that would be up to you, because it would mean potentially less money for you)
  • really enjoy working independently
  • have no problem communicating in English (other languages a plus)
  • know how to write properly

Any experience with customer service is a plus as well.

Please send your (hopefully not too formal) application and your CV to gerrit@wavebutler.de. If we like it, we will invite you to have a relaxed skype interview with us.

Gerrit erblickte das Licht der Welt im Jahre 1991. Neben dem Surfen hat er noch ein Faible für selbst gemachten Eiskaffee und gutes Essen! Gerrit berichtet über den Schabernack, den er tagtäglich so betreibt.

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