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We are currently camping in Moliets and we love it. Read up on our camping hacks we use to make our lives easier.

Camping Hacks – Müsli

Who hasn’t been in the situation before – you just had your Müsli for breakfast and now you have to run to the washhouse to clean the dirty dishes. If you don’t do it immediately, it’s quite likely that oats and other stuff get’s stuck on your so beloved bowl. Of course, washing is not your favorite thing to do and you would rather go surfing right away instead of encountering such a difficult quest. Well, how about this: You are probably drinking a lot during these hot summer days. At least one bottle of water. You can take this bottle of water and cut it open with scissors or even a knife (be careful, kids!) and turn it into two fantastic bowls. You simply have to stab the bottle and cut in a circle until you have a bowl or cup in your hand. This way you don’t have to clean anything because you can throw it away, which works better as well because you have smaller pieces that fit into the trash way better.

Camping Hacks – Wine

You want to consume or more bottles of delicious wine, but don’t have a bottle opener on you? No worries! Simply take off one of your shoes (if you are even wearing some) and place the bottle of wine inside the shoe. Then hold both things firmly and gently pound the heel of the shoe against a wall. Slowly the cork should come out of the bottle due to the swashing wine. Once you are done, you have all the time in the world and can get drunk with steez.

Camping Hacks – Beer

This hack mainly concerns camping in France – the tiny 0.25l beers need to be twisted to open them. In general it’s such a lovely idea, because you don’t need the typical beer-opening skills. But it’s not always that easy, especially if you buy the beer at more than fair prices. In easy words – the cheap beers don’t always work perfectly and can hurt your hand. In order to avoid this unnecessary pain, you can simply take the beer with your right hand, and twist the top of it into your bent arm bed. In the next step, you simply stretch your left arm and boom – the beer is open! Enjoy.

Camping Hacks – Sealed Cans

You want to open up a can of tuna or something like that? Don’t dispair if you don’t have a can opener. There is quite an easy solution. You simply have to rub the can on the street until the edges of the can have been removed. But have a look at this video where two guys show you how to do it:

Have you got any other good tips?

Gerrit and the Wavebutler team ≈

Gerrit erblickte das Licht der Welt im Jahre 1991. Neben seiner Passion für das Surfen hat er noch ein Faible für selbst gemachten Eiskaffee und gutes Essen!

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