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#1 - Chat with Eddie (bot)

We integrated our entire knowledge about surf camps into chatbot "Eddie". He helps you find out which surf camps suit your needs the best. Say hello to Eddie!

#2 - Receive suggestions

Eddie suggests surf camps that we have tested in person and provides you with all necessary information. 

#3 - Enjoy your surf trip

Eddie makes a reservation in your favorite surf camp and gifts you 50€ pocket money for your surf trip!

Johannes Gröber via Google Review

Echt feines Konzept, sowas hat gefehlt.

Echt feines Konzept, sowas hat gefehlt.

Thank you to the entire Wavebutler team

Thank you to the entire Wavebutler team, you organized such nice surf trips for me!

Pia Flaam
via Facebook

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Read through our extensive surf camp reviews in order to gather all information about the best surf camps worldwide.

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Without Eddie

  • Know which surf camps are a good choice
  • Get insider information about the area
  • Plan your surf trip effortlessly
  • Be prepared like a pro

With Eddie

  • Use the knowledge of our entire Wavebutler team
  • Find the right surf camp without searching
  • Book surf camps easily
  • Relax and enjoy your surf trip

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