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Hi, I'm Gerrit.

My goal is for you to find a surf camp that suits you 100%.

Since we all have different ways of doing things, I'll give you 3 different options.

Chatbot Eddie

The extremely friendly chatbot Eddie asks you four questions on Facebook Messenger and then suggests destinations. He will also introduce you to surf camps in detail and give you rough price information.


Review Bibliothek

Get access to our detailed experience reports and reviews about surf camps. This option is especially handy if you already know when you want to go where and like to do your own research.


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Persönliche Beratung

Would you rather enjoy a first-class, personal consultation from an expert and find a surf camp tailored to your needs? Our offer is valid for 9 countries all over the world - check out which ones are included!

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"I really had a great time, everything was so uncomplicated and in the end it far exceeded my expectations! The concept that the boys and girls promised, they keep. I will leave myself 1000% completely with my next holiday planning. Mega!!"

-Tina Multhaupt
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