Surfing in July and August

Surfing in July & Surfing in August

Today, I want to tell you a little bit about surfing in July and surfing in August, because in these two sunny months, there is so much going on in the world of surfing.

In this article, you will find info about the best surfing regions in summer, as well as concrete surfcamp suggestions, that have already been tested by Wavebutler.

“The German and European high summer is just beginning, and that’s when you choose to head for distant lands?” some might ask, when they hear about your holiday plans.

“It’s also nice here at home, and France is only a stone’s throw away!”

True, but unfortunately, the local lake isn’t exactly famous for its fantastic pointbreaks.

So, into the car, or the plane, because there are stunning places with super surf spots waiting for you, with just the waves you need – and often, summer is simply the perfect time to catch them.


1. Surfing in Europe

1.1. France
1.2. Spain
1.3. Portugal

2. Surfing in Asia

2.1. Indonesia
2.2. Sri Lanka

1. Surfing in Julyf & August - Europe

Let’s start off by staying on our continent, at least in our minds.

Even if you are already dreaming of surfing those superb barrels elsewhere in the wide, wide, world, it is a fact that the summer is the nicest time of year to be in Europe.

This also applies in terms of surfing in July and August.

Destinations like England haven’t made it onto the list, because at this time of the year, the conditions are much better elsewhere.

I have no intention of writing a whole novel here, so let’s concentrate on two destinations: France and Portugal.

1.1. Surfing in Summer - France

Wavebutler Club Europa

Oui oui, in summer, the surfing can be very good in France!

But it doesn’t have much to do with the waves, which are rather mediocre! Especially if you compare them to those of their Spanish neighbours, or the majestic waves of Portugal. 

But, more about that later. If it isn’t the waves, what makes surfing in France in the summer so special?

Lots of smiling faces, tasty food, cold beer, incredibly beautiful sunsets and warm summer nights await you, if you decide to go surfing in the Land of the Baguette in July or August.

In high season, there is always lots of action, and not only in cities like Capbreton, Biarritz or Bordeaux.

No! Even in the little campsites of Moliets, Vieux–Boucau etc., there’s plenty of hustle and bustle going on. You will find so many kindred spirits who also want to make use of the perfect weather, and take to the waves – either to learn how to surf, or to brush up on their skills.  

In our opinion, surfing in July and August is a sublime pleasure, if you are in search of some serious action and contact with other like-minded souls. So, let me give you a few tips about our favourite surfcamps in the region.

1.1.1. Surfing in August / July - France Camping

We’ve jotted down our experiences at two reasonably priced surfcamps. In summer, France is a rather expensive place to be, but, in July and August, you aren’t likely to find anywhere else that’s much cheaper than these two surfcamps.

  • Both surfcamps are perfect for solo travellers between the ages of 18 and 28.
  • For couples, I recommend the Deluxe Camping at Star Surf.
  • For families, the Glamping Package at Dreamsea is great. 

1.1.2. Surfing in August / July - France Surf House

If you don’t want to do without a solid roof over your head when surfing in July and August, (maybe you’re made out of sugar, like the Wicked Witch of the West), we have just the thing for you. 

A genuine secret tip!.

Simply send me an email at:, and I’ll put you in the picture.

  • 100% suited to families.
  • Also super-relaxed for solo travellers in the 25 – 40 age groups. 

1.2. Surfen in Summer - Spanien

Dreamsea Surfcamp San Sebastian Trip

“Did I just read something about better waves in Spain?”, you ask.


And, because I would never try to pull the wool over your eyes, you can believe my every word. If you want to! 

The waves in the north of Spain are a little more constant, and every summer, many surfers head for cities like San Sebastian or Santander. So it’s extremely busy, as you’d expect. 

If you’d prefer a bit more seclusion, without losing out on the action entirely, you should take a look at our favourite surf camps in northern Spain: 

1.2.1. Surfing in August / July - Spain Camping

Let me suggest two very similar camping options to you.

Basically, they is very little difference between these two camps in Spain, and the prices are unbeatable, considering what you get for your money.

Don’t worry, we will also recommend some other camps in this article, besides these. But these two surfcamp brands happen to include the best ones in Europe:

I recommend Star Surf Camps in Oyambre for families. The campsite is grassed, and there is a pool which ensures loads of fun for the kids. 

Dreamsea in San Vicente is perfect for solo travellers, couples and groups who prefer a little peace and relaxation. 

1.2.2. Surfing in July / August - Spain Surf House

We have put two wonderful camps on the list of our favourite surf houses. 

Latas in Loredo is a place for party animals, so most of the guests are between 18 and 30. But there is also a second surf house, which is suitable for families. 

At Camino Surf in Galicia, families are very well accommodated. There are various different options, from tents or bungalows, to a large villa for groups. 

1.3. Surfing in Summer - Portugal

Surfen im Juli Surfen im August in Portugal 2

If France is too close to home for you, you should give Portugal a try.

By car, you need about 20 hours, but luckily, the airlines will get you there in one of their gigantic iron birds for a very reasonable price. 

But where do you go to surf in Portugal in July and August?

There are several little places that are quite popular among surfers, including Peniche & Baleal, Ericeira, Cascais and Sagres. 

The best airports to aim for are Lisbon and Faro. 

Now for some specific surfcamp suggestions: 

1.3.1. Surfing in August / July - Portugal Camping

When it comes to Portugal, we have two absolute favourite surfcamps.

Both of them are 100% recommended for surfing in July and August.

One of them is Wavy Surfcamp, which is an excellent choice for younger guests who love to party. At Wavy, you get an impression of what the atmosphere was like at the very first surfcamps in Europe. A bit like the Wild West.

For families and couples who are in search of a little bit of peace, the Dreamsea Surfcamp in Portugal is the most suitable choice. The views from this very chic surfcamp, and the general mood in Portugal make it one of the secret treasures of the surfing scene.

1.3.2. Surfing in July / August - Portugal Surf House

Eigentlich herrscht im Sommer gutes Wetter in Portugal und es ist theoretisch warm genug, um draußen in einer Hängematte zu schlafen. 

Wären da nur nicht diese Mücken und anderes Ungeziefer, mh?

Wenn du gerne zwischen Betonwänden schlafen möchtest, dann solltest du auf unsere Tipps hören. Denn wir haben die schönsten Betonwände Portugals für dich herausgesucht.

Für alle zwischen 18 und 35 Jahre alten Surfer oder für diejenigen, die im Kopf ewig jung geblieben sind, empfehlen wir das Rapture Surfcamp in Ericeira. Schau es dir einfach an, danach bedarf es nicht mehr vieler Worte. Besonders die Videos von Rapture vermitteln den richtigen Eindruck.

Familien, die gerne zum Surfen im August oder zum Surfen im Juli nach Portugal reisen möchten, empfehlen wir besonders die Apartments von The Surf Experience. Das Camp ist wirklich auf Kinder ausgerichtet und was wir besonders cool finden - in der Umgebung kann geklettert werden!

2. Surfing in August & July in Asia

Perhaps you are in a state of panic by now – calm down! We have only included surfing in Indonesia and Sri Lanka in this article.

If you are looking for incredible waves, get on a plane and head for the Far East.

Even beginners will find paradisical conditions here, and their surfing skills will improve in leaps and bounds. 

That makes Indonesia and Sri Lanka ideal for everyone who’s in search of excellent surfing in July and August. 

2.1. Surfing in Summer in Indonesia

Dreamsea Surf Camp Bali Review Coconut

In Indonesia, the coconuts are generally larger than those in Sri Lanka. 

And the waves are better too. 

That’s two good reasons to head for the Land of a Thousand Islands if you want to do some surfing in July and August. 

Indonesia offers everything your heart desires. Whether you prefer to explore the jungle or would rather chill in a little hipster village, with an excellent restaurant scene – Indonesia has it all.

Only an 18–hour trip separates you from the fulfilment of your dreams. 
That’s not much longer than the 14-hour trip to France in a cramped car.

So, what are you waiting for – off to Bali or Sumatra!

In this section, you can read about our three best recommendations and experience reports for surfcamps in Indonesia. ​

They are situated in three different places:

Dreamsea is in the south of Bali. It is suitable for everybody,  EXCEPT FAMILIES. The camp is situated on a sheer cliff face – definitely not recommended for children!

The Kingfisher surfcamp is situated on the Mentwawais in Sumatra. The ultimate surfers’ paradise, with nothing but perfect waves from dawn till dusk. Not really suitable for beginners.

At Mondo in Canggu, on the island of Bali, there’s just the right accommodation for everybody. Families too. There are surfspots for both beginners and pros, directly in the area. And lots of very, very good restaurants too.

2.2. Surfing in Sommer - Sri Lanka

Surfen im März Surfen im April Surfen in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, basically only the east offers good surfing in summer.

But, surfing there in July and August can be very hectic. But you can have tons of fun, as long as you know what you are letting yourself in for.

Personally, I prefer to go to the south of Sri Lanka in winter, because that’s when the waves in Weligama, Matara etc. start running really nicely. 

But, if you prefer to go in summer, you should go to Arugam Bay, where you will find a lot of really good right-hander waves. The disadvantage is that there is hardly a surfspot in the area that hasn’t been discovered yet, which means that the lineup is very full, especially when surfing in July and August, and there are a large number of boards flying around the place. 

If you are travelling around Sri Lanka anyway, take the time to visit Arugam Bay and catch a few good waves there. But, it can only be described as a Party Pop Up Place. If you are a party animal, you will probably have a wonderful two or three weeks in Arugam Bay. 

In my article about Arugam Bay, you will find out why I’m not particularly impressed by the place. 

5/5 (12)

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