Fantasy Picks for Bells Beach

Fantasy Picks for Bells Beach
Fantasy Team Bells Beach 2016

Fantasy Team Bells Beach 2016

The next surf contest is about to kick off and Gerrit has picked his fantasy team for Bells Beach already.  

Top Picks

Mick Fanning (10.75 Mio): You won’t make a mistake picking Mick Fanning for Bells Beach. Look at his track record – he took out this event quite a few times. Also, he is treated like a King whenever he comes around, so he will feel comfortable. Also this waves perfectly suits his surfing style.

Gabriel Medina (10.25 Mio): I have a feeling that we won’t see Medina ranging at this price very often anymore. This is why I took the opportunity to put him onto my team for around 10 Mio. This being said – he is lethal at every single stop of this tour. Last year he made the quarter finals. I am sure he is ready to go one or two steps further this year. If you have enough money, you should consider Adriano de Souza, who is probably more likely to win the Bells Beach event.  

From the Midfield

John John Florence (7 Mio): I simply can’t not choose JJF for 7 Mio. Easy as that. Should there be decent waves, he will be able to profit from his strong railgame. I am hoping for a injury free season of Florence. 

Kelly Slater (7 Mio): It’s still too hard for me to drop Kelly off my team. My mind tells me to choose someone else (like Kerrzy), but my heart tells me: no, keep him! You can see the truth with your heart, or what was the saying? It’s not yet time to say goodbye, I’ll grant King Kelly another chance. 

Taj Burrow (6 Mio): I am not sure about Taj Burrow’s condition. But I consider this a tiny gamle, comparable to the stock market. If you are adventurous, you buy earlier than everyone else – and you might get rewarded appropriately if your plan comes together. It could very well be that you can purchase Taj at a price of 6 Mio this year.

Jordy Smith (6 Mio): Simply watch this video, so I don’t have to explain why I am picking Jordy for Bells Beach: 

Cheaper Picks for Bells Beach

Sebastian Zietz (1.5 Mio): Usually I would consider Zietz a 5-million-guy. However, he isn’t surfing in the elite league anymore, so we can get him at a price of 1.5 mio. Bargain! 
Stu Kennedy (1.5 Mio): Stu’s performance at the Gold Coast blew me away, which is why he is on my team for Bells Beach. 


Gerrit and the Wavebutlers ≈

Gerrit erblickte das Licht der Welt im Jahre 1991. Neben seiner Passion für das Surfen hat er noch ein Faible für selbst gemachten Eiskaffee und gutes Essen!

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