Fantasy Surfer Margaret River

Fantasy Surfer Margaret River

The world surf league heads on to its last stop in Australia – Margaret River. Want to know who will be on Gerrit’s Fantasy Surfer Team? 

Margaret River 2016

I am quite excited about the conditions at Margies this year. I picked my team not only considering Margaret River, but also looking at who would be good for the surf contest in Rio as well. 

Top Picks

Gabriel Medina (9,5 Mio): Quite frankly, I don’t want to be the one who has to put Gabby back on his surf team for 10,5 Mio. Nobody would ever doubt his abilities and it’s only a question of time until he explodes. I want to be part of it. 

Italo Ferreira (8,5 Mio): Italo had a little present in form on many many points for me at Bells Beach. Good boy. I will reward this by demonstrating my loyalty – he stays on my team. He will be good for Rio anyways. Also, you simply can’t get his feet off the board, which is excellent for Margaret River. 

Picks from the Mid Range

John John Florence (7 Mio): Dear Mister Florence, I am ready for your world title run, but are you? Please don’t let me down…of course this is a passion pick. 

Wiggolly Dantas (6,5 Mio): Dear o dear, have you seen a backhand surfer producing that much spray in the recent past? I most definitely haven’t! It’s like Wiggolly reincarnates god’s anger in his massive Turns. It leaves the wave saying goodbye to 20% of it’s body most of the times. This power should be good for Margaret River. By the way, this is the point where I am dropping Kelly (6,5 Mio). I will put him back on for events with huge barrels. Alternatively, you should think about picking Josh Kerr (6 Mio), who has a good record at Margaret River and should be doing fine in Rio as well – especially at this price!

Jordy Smith (6 Mio): Finally, you could see Jordy where he belongs. I am quite sure that he will continue, where he left off. He is one for the 10 Mio range. 

Cheap Picks

Caio Ibelli (4,5 Mio): Whaaaaaat? Another Brasilian surfer in your team? You are god damn right. We all have to face the truth – the Brazzos are surfing really really well. And I like Caio’s style a lot. I remember seeing him charging in heavy tubes as well. That dude ist fearless. 

Conner Coffin (4 Mio): Have you seen his surfing at Bells Beach? Conner is bringing some fresh wind into the world surf league. Love his surfing style.  
Kolohe Andino (4 Mio): Kolohe surfs as if he was angry. The last time he did that, he started a brilliant run. He looks motivated, I like it. 

As usual, be warned – my team may change on short notice.

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