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Wavebutler publishes hand-selected, extensive reviews about surf camps for the German speaking market. This means that we need a text about your surf camp of at least 800 words, covering the following 5 topics: Travel; Accomodation; Atmosphere; Activities; Expenses.

Option 1
Provide Your Own Review

You can get someone (e. g. a customer) to write a review for Wavebutler and send it to us.

We will be able to make some slight editorial changes, but cannot rework the whole text. The text quality and reader experience is up to you.

Option 2
Host a Wavebutler

We can send someone from our team around to create a professionally written review in order to attract customers. The editor will also give you honest feedback on how and where you can improve your camp.

This option is extremely valuable if you’d like to run an (undercover) independent quality check and get professional feedback about your staff and the overall customer experience.

If you’d like a Wavebutler to come around, we’d kindly ask for an invitation for a few nights.

Happy with option 1 or 2?

Simply drop Gerrit email at!

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