The Story of Wavebutler – Introduction

Wavebutler Startseitenbild Zugeschnitten

Do you want to know why Wavebutler will rule the world someday? Then continue reading, if you dare.

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We have come to the decision that we want to involve you with everything that has to do with Wavebutler. This means that we will keep you updated on general surfing things as well as on our business moves. Be it a successful surf trip of a Wavebutler who visited a surf camp in Portugal or if we welcome a new person in our team – you will be the first to know!

Origins of the Wavebutler idea

Today we would like to start with how everything began – What motivated us to establish a surf agency or to find the suiting surf camps for other people who want to go on vacation?

I think it all started in the head of Gerrit (the author) – I’ve always had the strong desire to work for myself and independently. But let’s fast forward everything a little bit and come to the point where my teacher told me to turn my hobby into my future job. This was the first time it made click in my head. Working in the surf industry has never crossed my mind in this way, I simply hadn’t thought about jobs related to surfing. And hell yes, what kind of dream that was to me. The first logical step for me was to gain some experience within the industry and to get some contacts (very important, guys!). That’s why I spent 1.5 years working for an international surf camp. While doing so, I had been in touch with many surf agencies and noticed that they didn’t always do a good job. It was rather a poor service than a good one in most cases. For example, I witnessed how a family got sent into a party and surf camp in France which caused the family to have a nightmare of vacation.

I was determined to give the best personal advice to customers someday in order to avoid situations like that. This caused me to think about what a good surf agency would look like and one idea followed the other. Slowly I developed a concept. However, I always had one problem in the end: How can I give the best advice for regions that I don’t know much about? And then one day – click. Why don’t I find people with the experience in those regions and work together with them? This solved my problem and the next step was to find out who I could distinguish my company from the other surf agencies and competitors. I will highlight this in another blog post someday. But in general I can advise anyone who wants to be self employed to simply find a problem in a certain industry. And should you find a solution for this problem someday, you can turn it into a business if you act smart. And who knows – maybe you can live your dream someday. And that’s exactly what I am trying to do with the Wavebutler project.

What’s next?

Now you know how the idea developed inside my head. But a few important things were still missing. This includes an appealing website, Wavebutlers who know stuff about certain regions, establishing a legal company etc. These are exactly the topics which I will cover over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned!
Gerrit und die Wavebutler ≈

Gerrit erblickte das Licht der Welt im Jahre 1991. Neben dem Surfen hat er noch ein Faible für selbst gemachten Eiskaffee und gutes Essen! Gerrit berichtet über den Schabernack, den er tagtäglich so betreibt.

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